GDR WySiWyG 1.0 (stable)

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About the WySiWyG

WySiWyG is a modern, fast and easy - size 9.89kb only, while a multifunctional wysiwyg editor written in gdrJS and also compatible with jQuery. It simplifies the work with the HTML document. Due to its light weight, WySiWyG will not be loaded for long if slow or unlimited internet.


To install WySiWyG on a website, you need to add the following lines between the <head> tags:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/gdrwswg.css">
<script src="gdrwswg.min.js"></script>


To get the initialization



To write your own plugin for WySiWyG:

$.gdrwswg.methods = function(){
return this;